Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 25 PREVIEW

Good tease. No no such thing

The Ramblings of A.

I removed my Skype from my contact me section because of what someone said and will try to remember to check my email every so often. If anyone wants to try their hands out on translating Chinese -> English, send me an email to let me attempt to gauge your “level”. I can point you to the genre you enjoy reading with a level that you can translate with (a somewhat) ease in until you think you’ve leveled up your translation skills and want to tackle a harder web novel.

Although I don’t know what people would do with my IP address since I don’t host wordpress nor do I plan to host my future custom domain on it, I will still thank our fellow interwebber for telling (or warning) me about scary things that may happen. This preview is in thanks of that dude!

Ninja edit: By the…

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